About Summitstar Films & Entertainment

Summitstar Films & Entertainment is a global television and film production company with its home base in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. Established in 1994, and doing business since 1987 as Nitefire Productions, Summitstar was formed by managing director, executive producer, and head of creative production, Michael Giannantonio. Summitstar Films & Entertainment was forged based upon a mission, with solid principles, to translate the creative vision of our clientele into memorable recorded highly cinematic images; to do it with great passion, and with the utmost integrity.

Since our conception in 1987, Summitstar Films & Entertainment proprietor, Michael Giannantonio, has provided entertainment industry services to thousands of clients all around the world. Prestigious corporations such as American Express, Motorola, Honeywell, NASA, DHL Worldwide, Toyota Corporation, T-Mobile, Under Armour, Allied Signal Aerospace, Goodyear Aerospace, Boswell Hospitals, and many more have all utilized Michael's professional entertainment industry services.

Possessing a diverse background and vast array of experience within many different types of production including feature films, commercials, infomercials, corporate videos, live events, fundraisers, documentaries, weddings, music videos, montages, television shows, product videos, branded entertainment, live theatre and more, Michael has proven again and again why he is considered a top notch entertainment industry professional. Michael has filmed, produced video and film content, provided project financing, developed projects, and more for clients such as Sony Pictures, Universal Pictures, Warner Brothers, The History Channel, BBC Worldwide, Animal Planet, The Discovery Channel, TLC, HGTV, and hundreds of additional prestigious clientele including movie and television studios, production companies, corporations, state fairs, independent artists, public relations firms and many more.

When professionalism is a must you can count on Summitstar to deliver. Summitstar Films & Entertainment is Arizona's most diverse development, production, and post production company, fully capable of producing projects of all magnitudes. Summitstar Films' writers, producers, directors, production crew, and post production staff have worked on thousands of major motion pictures, reality TV shows, music videos, corporate video projects, documentaries, television commercials, live shows, artist profiles and more all over the world.

If you are searching for a production company with the skills to deliver your project on budget, on schedule, with creative vision and amazing production value, then contacting Summitstar is the first step in “making Hollywood magic happen”.

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