Motion Picture Distribution Services

The final stage in producing a television program, commercial, motion picture, artist profile, or other motion picture, is referred to as the "distribution phase". Distribution is the phase where the actual delivery of the final audio and visual content commences. During distribution, all prior motion picture delivery strategies and plans are executed. Summitstar Films & Entertainment offers all aspects of motion picture distribution services. When our producers send a project to the distribution phase, a project will have complete its post-production process and will be ready for final delivery to its intended medium.

The Summitstar Distribution Phase:

Our producers have worked to create a project delivery plan. During distribution the projects "Deliverables" are assembled and distributed to studios, theaters, corporations, internet servers, international distribution companies, and much more. This phase can be as simple as delivering a streaming artist profile to an artist's YouTube server or as complex as transferring a motion picture to digital cinema files and distributing through a vast distribution network to movie theaters across the country, and around the world.

DVD & BluRay Distribution

During the distribution of DVD and BluRay projects, Summitstar producers deliver a motion picture projects transcoded video, dialogue, music and effects tracks, graphical menu system, print graphics, and much more in order to create custom DVD and BluRay disks. These elements are created, organized, stamped, printed, UPC coded, packaged, and finally delivered for distribution. All types of motion picture content can be distributed on DVD or BluRay. Projects can be feature or short subject films, documentaries, instructional videos, artist content, video demos, and much more. DVD and BluRay disks can be created in any volume, even if only a small number of disks are needed.

Distribution Outlets:

At Summitstar, we distribute all types of motion picture projects and content to many types of venues and mediums. Some of the most common places we distribute motion picture content to are movie theaters, video on demand, live theater, public events, television networks, internet streaming services, DVD and BluRay, international content providers, and many additional motion picture content mediums and distribution outlets. Summitstar can distribute a motion picture project to virtually any platform or medium.