The Summitstar Code of Ethics


The Summitstar Code of Ethics: Summitstar Films & Entertainment adheres to a strict policy of generating profits while following the principles of our Conduct of Business Policy. Summitstar Films & Entertainment believes its dealings with all business associates, employees, clients and persons are to be completed in an honest, positive and ethical way. We at Summitstar Films & Entertainment openly state that if the company could gain greater financial profits by not adhering to our code of ethics policies, Summitstar Films & Entertainment would choose to not to partake in such business practices, regardless of profitability. Summitstar Films & Entertainment professes to follow the ethics and practices defined in our policy regardless of financial or other impacts upon the company.

Summitstar Films & Entertainment professes that every associate, employee, person, and/or business shall be dealt with fairly and ethically. No unfair advantage shall be taken of anyone through unscrupulous manipulation or profit speculation where the monetary goals override the ethical practices of Summitstar Films & Entertainment. Summitstar Films & Entertainment professes to reserve the right not to deal or associate with persons or businesses the company feels are engaging in unethical or dishonest practices.

Mission Statement