The Summitstar Mission


Our mission: To provide high quality entertainment offerings which affect positive growth and inspire change on a global level.

Our mission is simple, we work diligently to make a difference on a global level through our unique entertainment offerings. By remaining an independent production company, Summitstar Films & Entertainment strives to be a mecca for independent entertainers and contractors from all areas of the entertainment industry. We believe it is the responsibility of every creative artist to assist in making the world a better place through their own individual works. At Summitstar, we encourage and inspire positive creativity in everything we do.

Summitstar Films & Entertainment has and continues to make contributions to the art of show business and separates itself form the large corporations that own or control other "independent" entertainment companies. We believe that no matter what magnitude a project is, that project should be handled with the same careful attention. Summitstar Films & Entertainment strives for excellence in every aspect of our business dealings and we work diligently to achieve our mission.

Code of Ethics Policy