Motion Picture Post-Production Services

The fourth stage in producing a television program, commercial, motion picture, artist profile, or other video, is referred to as the "post-production phase". Post-production is known as the "process where the real magic happens". This is the phase where the editing of audio and visual content commences, computer graphics and visual effects are implemented, color corrections are planned and completed, a soundtrack is recorded, credit lists are compiled and designed, and much more. During post-production, distribution strategies may also be modified or finalized.

Summitstar Films & Entertainment offers all aspects of motion picture post-production services. Before our producers send a project to the next phase of production, known as the distribution phase, a project will need to complete its post-production process. During the post-production phase, the audio and visual elements are completed and the motion picture is finalized and prepared for distribution. The post-production phase is generally the second most expensive phase of a motion picture production. This is also the most difficult of all the production phases and is routinely overlooked or improperly planned by inexperienced producers and production companies. At Summitstar Films, we pride ourselves in implementing a smooth post-production process. Our post-production workflows are planned so well they are often imitated by other producers and production companies.

The Summitstar Post-Production Phase:

Our award winning post production services begin by creating a custom project workflow. We then log, organize and transcode captured content. This process often includes the syncing of audio, transcoding of digitized media into a uniform multimedia codec, the planning of all visual effects and graphical elements, and much more. Once we have selected the proper editing suite and prepared the project for audio and video editing, the actual editing process will begin.

Audio & Video Editing

During post-production, experienced Summitstar producers execute all of the planned logistical and creative editorial aspects of a project. These tasks are completed in a highly creative manner and with a great deal of artistry. Our post-production team is composed of indiviuals who have proven experience and are leaders within the industry. Combine our team member experience, knowledge, creativity, and teamwork, and you get a proven, award winning post-production team.

Post-Production Software & Hardware:

Summitstar team members utilize all types of motion picture post-production software and hardware. Editing software suites such as Final Cut, Adobe, ProTools, Avid, DaVinci, and Logic are some of the audio and video editing software platforms we routinely utilize. At Summitstar Films, our team members have access to the very finest motion picture post-production software and interface hardware. We believe that using the highest quality hardware and software assists us to create the highest quality finished product.

Automated Dialogue Replacement (ADR):

Automated dialogue replacement, or ADR, is the process of re-recording a portion, or all, of a motion pictures dialogue. Automated dialogue replacement (ADR) is the process of re-recording dialogue by the original actor, generally to improve audio quality or reflect dialogue changes. This process is also known as "looping" or as a "looping session". ADR is a valuable tool which can be used to change original lines recorded on set in order to clarify context, improve diction or timing, or to replace an accented vocal performance. The above photo was taken during a Summitstar Films independent film ADR session in Hollywood, California. Summitstar Films has been provided ADR and other audio related motion picture services since 2006. Neumann TLM103 condensor microphones and Neumann's 82i shotgun microphones are only a few of the recording tools we mantain in our arsenal of specialty recording mics.

Other Types of Motion Picture Post-Production:

Since Summitstar Films develops and produces virtually all types of motion picture and video content across many platforms. Post-Production of artist profile videos, web videos, corporate video projects, documentary projects, concerts, music videos, commercials, and other video content, may require different approaches, tools, software applications, and more, to a projects post-production workflow process. Rest assured that Summitstar Films & Entertainment has the experience to efficiently manage all types of motion picture content and workflows during the post-production process. Our producers have been responsible for the successful completion of thousands of projects. Contact us today and see what Summitstar can do for you, and your project.