Motion Picture Pre-Production Services

The second stage in producing a television program, commercial, motion picture, artist profile, or other video, is referred to as the "pre-production phase". Summitstar Films & Entertainment offers all aspects of motion picture pre-production services. Before our producers send a project to the next phase of production, known as the production phase, that project will have undergone a thorough pre-production process. During the pre-production phase many project elements are planned and prepared for the production phase.

The Summitstar Pre-Production Phase:

At Summitstar, we consider the pre-production phase to be one of the most important of the five phases during the production and filmmaking process. During pre-production, experienced Summitstar producers plan all of the logistical and creative aspects of a project. We call upon over a century of combined experience to combat any possible issue which may be encountered during production, post-production, or distribution. We do this in advance to ensure a very smooth production process. Properly planning and preparing a production saves time, money, effort, and can even offer a project an "edge" or "business advantage" over competing motion picture projects.

Casting a Project

Casting is a very crucial step which takes place during the pre-production phase. Successfully casting a motion picture project can lead to the direct success of the project. Whether the project is a feature film, artist profile, commercial, or other type of motion picture, Summitstar Films deals directly with casting directors, agencies, celebrity talent, and more to ensure the proper cast has been acquired to fill the exact needs of a project. We manage the casting process from conception and auditions, all the way through contracting and rehearsals. We also believe that an actor sometimes requires time to perform advanced research to truly understand their role. Our award winning directors work diligently with our project talent to best prepare them with their role. This allows actors the ability to get to know their characters and even understand their characters emotional motivations. We believe this part of the Summitstar pre-production process is the key to assisting our actors in creating meaningful, believable, and memorable performances. It is our goal to assist our actors by creating and maintaining a very positive and creative collaborative atmosphere for them to work within. Unlike most motion picture production companies, we care about our talent and it shows.

Pre-production Planning

Planning a projects schedule, budget and various other elements is a major part of the pre-production process. Estimating how many days of production will be required and planning those days in the most cost-effective way can be a very tedious task. Our producers have the project planning and management experience needed to offer the highest probability of project success. A few of the elements we routinely complete during pre-production are casting, scheduling, budgeting, planning and negotiating, location scouting, storyboarding, scripting, scheduling and hiring of crews and equipment, procurement of needed permits, preparing shot logs, planning visual and special effects, securing catering and craft services, planning and arranging logistics, and much, much more. At Summitstar Films & Entertainment we expertly handle every aspect of the pre-production process. Rest assured, when Summitstar executives approve a project for the production phase, the project has been primed for success.

Television Program Pre-Production:

Pre-production for television programs is generally a quicker process than the process used by a feature film project, commercial, or even a corporate project. Television projects are generally produced very rapidly. Because of that element, many of the pre-production tasks are completed during the actual production of the show. Television programs are managed by a reputable "show runner" and overseen by numerous executive producers from Summitstar Films, our affiliates, and from television networks. Television production is often referred to as a "well oiled machine".

Other Types of Project Pre-Production:

Summitstar Films develops and produces virtually all types of motion picture and video content across many platforms. Pre-production of artist profile videos, web videos, corporate video projects, documentary projects, concerts, music videos, commercials, and other video content, may involve different pre-production elements or processes. Rest assured that Summitstar Films & Entertainment has the experience to efficiently prepare virtually any type of motion picture content for production. Most pre-production processes have been streamlined to ensure swift execution.