Motion Picture Production Services

The third stage in producing a television program, commercial, motion picture, artist profile, or other video, is referred to as the "production phase". This is the phase where the actual capturing of audio and visual content commences. Summitstar Films & Entertainment offers all aspects of motion picture production services. Before our producers send a project to the next phase of production, known as the post-production phase, a project will first have to complete its production process.

During the production phase, all of the planning and preperation tasks completed during development and pre-production are executed. This phase of production is generally referred to as "principal photography". The production phase is generally the most expensive phase of production and demands constant attention, sometimes up to 20 hours per day. Summitstar Films manages all aspects of the production phase, around the clock.

The Summitstar Production Phase:

At Summitstar we feel we have mastered the chaotic demands motion picture production has to offer. While these demands are generally extensive, we believe that there simply is no substitute for experience, and experience is exactly what our team members possess. It is our combined knowledge and broad range of production experience which affords the Summitstar "family" a serious advantage over our competitors. At Summitstar, our team believes failure is just not an option. As a result, we give every production our full attention. Members of the Summitstar technical family love what they do and that love for their work shows. Our passionate and positive team building attitude toward production is proudly displayed on our motion picture sets. Our caring approach to production shines through upon delivery of the motion pictures we produce. At Summitstar we are extremely passionate about creating memorable works of cinematic art. Our team continually looks forward to overcoming the challenges motion picture production has to offer. The Summitstar family is standing by, ready to create cinematic magic just for you. When only the best will do, our Summitstar family of professionals promises to deliver just that.

Creating Memorable Images

During production, experienced Summitstar producers execute all of the planned logistical and creative aspects of a project. These tasks are completed in a highly creative manner and with a great deal of artistry. Our production team is composed of some of the greatest minds within the industry who strive to capture images which illicit emotion from the viewing audience. Our visual production artists paint with light and vision. Camera moves and angles, lighting, motion control equipment, jibs, steadicams, drones, and more are just a few of the tools our creative artists have within their arsenal. Combine our tools of the trade with experience, knowledge, creativity, and teamwork, and you get an award winning production team.

Production Tools

In order to create cinematic works of art, Summitstar team members utilize all types of motion picture production equipment. Knowing what tools to use, and when, comes with decades of professional experience. Our tools of the trade include items which were available to technicians nearly a decade ago. We also utilize tools which offer the latest and greatest in cutting edge technologies. Summitstar Films even possesses proprietary equipment and technologies specifically engineered by Summitstar team members. At Summitstar Films, our team members have access to the very finest motion picture production equipment. Members of the Summitstar team are professional, knowledgable, creative, highly skilled technicians, experienced with the tools of their trade. We believe this combination is necessary when shaping a true professional.

Television Program Production:

Production for television programs is generally a fast paced "run and gun" type of environment. Since television projects are generally produced very rapidly, there is rarely ever a second chance to capture, or recreate, a moment in time. This means production crews must have a proven track record of success. Summitstar production staff have proven that they are leaders within the industry. When memorable moments must be captured in a cinematic way, Summitstar directors of photography, camera operators, production audio mixers, and more, will be there, capturing those moments and delivering only the finest captured images. This is exactly why Summitstar team members are continually contracted by major networks such as NBC, Discovery, History, TLC, BBC, Animal Planet, Food Network, MTV, and many more, to provide the very same services available to you through Summitstar Films.

Other Types of Motion Picture Production:

Since Summitstar Films develops and produces virtually all types of motion picture and video content across many platforms. Production of artist profile videos, web videos, corporate video projects, documentary projects, concerts, music videos, commercials, and other video content, may involve different approaches to the production process. Rest assured that Summitstar Films & Entertainment has the experience to efficiently capture virtually any type of motion picture content during the production process. Our producers have been responsible for the successful capture of literally thousands of projects. Contact us today and see what Summitstar can do for you.